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Caregiver Support Program

The Older Americans Act Amendments of 2000 established the National Family Caregiver Support Program to help families and individuals with their roles as caregivers. The federal Administration for Community Living (ACL) allocates funds through the Kentucky Department of Aging and Independent Living and BGAAAIL to establish and maintain program services within the 17 counties served by the BGAAAIL and the Bluegrass Area Development District.

If you are caring for an elderly family member or friend at home, we want to help support your efforts with information, counseling, support groups, training, and the respite and supplemental service care you may need to maintain your own health and well-being. You are free to use selective services or, if you desire, comprehensive and individualized service information and support is available to address your particular needs and caregiving concerns. The BGAAAIL Caregiver Support Program also wants to assist grandparent and older relative caregivers of minor children. For many, the challenging work of rearing children does not stop when our own children come of age, but instead can take an unexpected turn when we find ourselves filling a similar role in the lives of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Grandparent assistance services can provide funds for clothing, toiletries, and school supplies.

The goal of the National Family Caregiver Support Program services is to assist caregivers, wherever possible, to be able to better and longer provide needed supportive care to area seniors and to assist grandparent and older relative caregivers provide primary care to children.

BGAAAIL’s National Family Caregiver Support Program provides the following services: - Information and Assistance: Locating and obtaining services for caregivers - Caregiver Counseling: Formally or informally to address difficult issues and challenges - Caregiver Support Groups: Provided in local communities to foster peer support and learning - Caregiver Training: To help with problem solving, decision-making, self-care, communication issues, and the like - Respite Care: To allow caregivers a temporary break from the daily responsibilities and pressures of caregiving - Supplement Services: In the form of products or services to augment the care being provided by caregivers

This program serves family caregivers of any age who provide care to people at least 60 years of age, or as young as 55 years of age with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease-related dementia, as well as grandparents and older relative caregivers of at least 55 years of age who provide primary care to grandchildren up to 18 years of age. There are no income restrictions nor is there any income or asset testing to be eligible for program services. To be eligible for grandparent assistance services, you must be at least 55 or older and be the grandparent, step-grandparent, or other relative of a child by blood or marriage and: 1. Live with the child. 2. Be the primary caregiver of the child. 3. Have a legal relationship to the child such as legal custody or guardianship.

An application for program services can be obtained by contacting the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 859-266-1116 or toll free at 866-665-7921.

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